Use an AI Prompt to Solve Engineering Problems with Altshuller’s TRIX Method

Use an AI Prompt to Solve Engineering Problems with Altshuller's TRIX Method


  1. Introduction to Using an AI-Oriented Prompt
  2. Using AI to Resolve Contradictions and Conflicts
  3. Understanding Altshuller's TRIX Method
  4. Challenges and Benefits of Implementing Prompt AI
  5. Conclusions

1.Introduction to the Use of an AI-Oriented Prompt

In the era of digitalization, artificial intelligence ( AI ) is becoming a crucial partner in providing practical solutions to complex technical issues. The prompt in question was specifically designed for engineers with extensive problem solving experience and requires concrete answers. Using this prompt, the user can leverage their expertise in combination with the data provided by the prompt to devise optimal solutions. This type of prompt can benefit a range of professionals, including engineers, project managers, problem solvers, and anyone with an interest in problem-solving techniques such as Altshuller's TRIX method. This prompt can help users generate a large amount of ideas more quickly than simply brainstorming, especially in critical cases where the solution is not immediately obvious.

2.Using AI to Resolve Contradictions and Conflicts

Artificial intelligence (AI) presents itself as a real digital Swiss army knife, particularly useful in situations where we are faced with seemingly irreconcilable conflicts or contradictions. Prompt AI offers powerful tools to resolve these apparent paradoxes through a union of algorithms and fundamental problem-solving rules, allowing you to identify innovative alternatives and non-obvious solutions.

3.Understanding Altshuller's TRIX Method

The “Altshuller TRIX Method”, created by the Soviet engineer and writer Genrich Altshuller, is a very advanced problem-solving technique. This method is based on the analysis of thousands of patents to identify fundamental problem-solving patterns. Altshuller then developed a tool, called the Matrix (or TRIX), to orient users towards the principles best suited to resolving their specific contradiction. Using AI in combination with Altshuller's TRIX Method makes this approach more accessible and user-friendly, making it easier to navigate the intricacies of problem solving.

4.Challenges and Advantages of Implementing Prompt AI

The use of AI is not without its challenges, such as figuring out how to integrate the prompt within existing processes and ensuring that users understand how to use the prompt. However, the benefits of more efficient workflow and more effective responses far outweigh these initial challenges. Implementing AI prompting, customized to user needs, can provide a significant boost to productivity, improve problem resolution, and increase the overall quality of work delivered.


Employing innovative methods such as Altshuller's TRIX and AI support can make contradictions less scary and more manageable. Take your time to familiarize yourself with Prompt AI and discover how to integrate it into your processes. Over time, you will find that Prompt AI is not only an excellent problem-solving companion, but also a strong ally that can improve the productivity and quality of your work. Happy journey into the world of artificial intelligence, fellow engineers!